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Necessity is the mother of all inventions (journal #9)

John F. Kennedy once said “When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters-one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.”  In this times of economic instability creativity emerges from everywhere.  Most of the gratest inventios arose in difficult times because of the need.  To keep optimism we have to think positively, we have to look the bright side of things, and before thinking who’s guilty, think of solutions.  We must not think about the term crisis but the term challenge.  A challenge that we can exceed succesfully if we use creativity and optimism. 

Searching in i found an interesting video about someone that operates a puppet with the rythm of the music and has a something in the floor to receive money. It was very creative because most of the people that asks for money just put a sad face but this man goes beyond that a gives a mini show to captivate the public.  Things like this and much other are those that make up creativity in respond to the challenge.

Enjoy the video!


Is this really necessary? -journal #8

There is no money to pay thousands of public employees but we have to pay for the protection of the ex-governors. The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico decided in favour of the ex- governors that they have the right to have escorts from the Puerto Rico Police Department.  But, think for a moment, are they really necessary?  We have to pay four million dollars to protect them from what? How is it possible that in an economic crisis these ex-governors require Puerto Rico to spend that amount on this unnecessary protection?

They are supposed to be public servants not massacrers of people’s pockets! And as public servants they are supposed to think in their society first.  I can’t believe that two ex-governors of different parties united themselves (this is a never before seen event), Romero Barceló and Rafael Hernández, to claim their right to have escorts.  They can’t unite to help this country but yes! the can unite to do something like this.


I think that hundreds or maybe thousand of jobs could be saved if all that politic elite think more in the society than in them as individuals.  They have forgotten what their real mission is: to serve this country and leave the politic colors aside.  We are living difficult times, and is now when we have to unite and think of better solutions to our society as a hole not to ourselves.  Please, politicians, have some common sense!


The Forgotten (profile first draft)

Located in the Ramon Emeterio Betances Street, formerly called “calle Post”, stands an ancient building of more than 100 years: the Municipal Asylum of Mayaguez.  When I see the great facade of neoclassical style I think how admired it should have been in the époque of its foundation (1895), and how unnoticed is nowadays.  Continue reading ‘The Forgotten (profile first draft)’


Barbarities from this week… (journal #7)

Between the strikes, Fortuño’s egg, the grant that doesn’t arrive,  and the thousands of layoffs, this week is for history of madness in Puerto Rico.  Beggining with the massive layooffs of public employees opens the last week of September. The communication media made sure that we witnessed the tears and anxieties of the laid off.  Concern and desperation flooded us. But much of these people vented their anger through a risked man that threw an egg to Fortuño failing in his attempt. But it wasn’t less commented because of this, the news were so loud that all journalists and cameraman left Fortuño alone and went after the “egg man”. As a result of this, a wave of text messages about this event was soon a boom. I bet that anyone can tell me that didn’t get at least one of this messages. To finish the week and to make matters worse, the long- awaited grant never arrived, and apparently no one remembered that somebody sh0uld send at least an email to the students to tell them about the change of date.  The grant was the principal theme of conversation among the Colegio students.  In an atmosphere like this, we need to take a break and disconect from everything to set aside all these bad news and breath to start a new day.