Dance: the universal language (journal #11)

It feels great to see the passion in the face of a dancer and it is a lot better when you can dance and express that passion through your movements, your gestures, using every part of your body to communicate something. When I dance I feel like everything in this world dissapears and I am alone with the music. I think that something similar occures to everyone when they’re doing what they love most.

 Dancing is a form of comunication and expression, and it could be use to

  •  fight without hitting or punching:

  • to express the many feelings that love causes:
  • to show a culture identity:

and a lot of things that can’t be named but felt. I enjoy a lot watching TV programs like America’s Best Dance Crew and So you think you can dance? because as you see them you notice how many talented people are out there and It’s great to know that dancing is being more apreciated. I specially like one choreography from So you think you can dance? in Nederlands, because of the originality of the choreo and the facial expression of this dancers. They are very synchronized and their steps are so perfect. The dancers are Els and Angelo, watch the video and enjoy:


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