foreigners (journal #12)

Strange and unusual animals fascinate us. That’s why we love to see TV programs from animal planet and discovery channel. But encountering those animals in real life is another story specially if they tent to attack.  In Puerto Rico there is no huge variety of that strange fauna. We have the coqui, and the puertorrican boa and also two or three more native animals. But, we are not accustomed to dangerous species even when our island have a lot of great habitats for those type of animals.

The thing is that the black market enter a lot of dangerous and strange species to Puerto Rico to sell them, and this is a great problem because those who buy them not always know how to take care of them. For example, the most popular are reptiles like snakes of all types and alligators.  Snakes need a special environment: temperature and humidity has to be regulated, they have difficulty when digesting food, when babies they tend to get sick with facility, etc.  These animals need a lot of care when they are in captivity. Also the majority of them specially pythons and boas grow to and extent of 4 meters.

When owners see that they can’t take care of them anymore, most of them just drop them in a river or something puting its life and the lives of the people and animals around in danger. Recently in a public residential in Mayaguez a group of men catch a alligator from a little river and put it in a cage. I also know people that founded boas and other snakes near their houses. Here I have some pictures of the alligator and the snakes:


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