Excessive Consumerism (journal #13)

We are tired of hearing the same thing: economy is bad, we have financial problems, we have an economic recession, etc. But when you see the parking lot of a mall or shopping there’s not a single space to park. If our economy is in such precarious state how is it possible that the malls are more busy than before? Isn’t it ironic?

On the Black Friday people went crazy. The doors of Wall- Mart of Mayaguez Mall were ripped of and people went mad when the merchandise on sale was taken to the corridors.  They pushed each other and there was no respect for any line. But something that I heard that surprised me the most was that most of the people were paying with credit cards. And I don’t know if I am correct but I think that it has no logic because the money you saved because of the Black Friday sale, you’ll be paying it in interest of the credit card. So, why bother to go to the mall in such a busy day to make eternal rows and ending with a bad mood if the price you paid on sale will turn into a regular price when you get the credit card bill?

Another thing that made people went crazy was the fact that the stores put wrong information on the shoppers about the quantity of the item per store. Some stores like Radio Shack and Wall- Mart did this so people went earlier to find what they need and in consequence stayed a longer time to buy more and more articles. This was very miserable from their part because they caused people a lot of problems because of this.

We aren’t accustomed to save money but we have to be more conscious about the situation and think of ways to save it instead of using the credit card impulsively without thinking of the consequences.


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