Finals!!!! (journal #14)

This was sort of crazy semester. Strikes, disorganization, bad economy, pessimistic thoughts, amendments and amendments to the academic calendar, but nothing compares with these last weeks in our beloved Colegio. Everything gets “harmoniously” united to make our lives a disaster and to cause impressive amounts of stress, in these days we want to scream to people because we have what is called Colegio’s Finals traumatic disorder.

Beginning with the last-minute works, those that are assigned to get those needed points and to cover the last material. Also, we have the works or assignments that were announced since the first day of class but for some unknown reason we leave them for the finals. On the other hand, is the lovely, waited for all, MATRICULA, that, to make matters worse, this semester was assigned to the final week of class. The MATRICULA is not only the day we are able to pick next semester classes, but the day we get extremely frustrated because, there aren’t enough sections for the class we need or the class schedule is specially pathetic, or maybe you need just 12 credits to graduate the beloved Humanities and they are the most required so you aren’t able to get it.

It is really frustrated but at the end we can see the fruits of our crops: the long-awaited grades. I just want to wish luck to everybody on this stage of the semester. It’s hard, what easy comes easy goes. And we have to appreciate the opportunity of education because knowledge is the only thing that nobody can steal from you. So, good luck and Merry Christmas!!!


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