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A library or a public square?? (journal #15)

The library is supose to be a peaceful and quiet place to study and research. The regulations of the University stipulate that the library have to be in total silence except on the places designated for groups. But it seems that there is something wrong with our library. This last week I had to go to the library a lot of times because of all the works I had to hand or just to study for a class. I was hoping to find a place with silence and peace, but even in the top floor I heard murmurs and music from laptops.

Weeks ago I went to the library to study with a friend and we couldn’t concentrate because of the conversation in the first floor. We were on the second floor and in the first floor were some students that work there talking and laughing. We were frustrated and ironically we found more silence in the fourth floor of the Student Center.  I think that we should be considerate to others and be quiet in the library.

There should be a revission in the rules of the library and the designated places where you can and can not talk. I found that most of the students just go to teh library to escape from the hot temperature ouside and use facebook and myspace. That is cool but the people that are trying to concentrate and study need some respect.